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When was the last time that you actually did judge a book by its cover, and bought the better looking book? It's an instinct that's in us. It makes us subconsciously choose products from a supermarket shelf just by the way they look.

If you have premises on a high street its important that you don't scrimp on your signage. A good quality shop sign can mean the difference between getting customers in, and driving customers away. If you get it right, your shop sign will bring in more customers creating more business and in turn earn you more money.

When was the last time you booked into a hotel because of the way it looks from the outside? The hotel next door might be a nicer hotel with a bigger and better breakfast but the better looking hotel next door with the new signage and freshly painted exterior will ultimately bring in more clients from passing trade. You could have a restaurant with the greatest tasting food for miles around but if your signage and shop front is falling down people won't go any further than the front door.

Your sign need to be throughly thought through, designed correctly and manufactured and installed to the highest standards. Keep it simple and don't over clutter it with too much information. People have a short attention span and you have around 5 seconds to catch the persons attention. Just remember you need to tell people who you are, and what you do in 5 seconds.

Aaartist Signs and Graphics

Your sign is your identity. So your sign maker needs to be capable of creating and printing original signs that grab the attention your customers. That’s why people choose Aaartist Signs and Graphics.

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